Out With The Old – Alternatives To Traditional PVC Shower Curtains

The much loved PVC shower curtain has come in for a bit of criticism in the past years and it’s no wonder seeing as the Environmental Protection Agency has revealed that gases given off by PVC shower curtains can be dangerous to your health. The volatile organic gases can lead to respiratory problems, central nervous system damage, as well as damage to the liver (among a number of horrific implications to the health of users). Here’s some scary information – the amount of gases given off by the average PVC shower curtain were 16 times the recommendations by the ‘US Green Building Council’.

However – if you are searching for a great value for money alternative to the traditional PVC shower curtains just what is available?

#1 PEVA Shower Curtains.

A great alternative for those who want that PVC functionality without the adverse health issues. The absence of chlorine in this type of material makes it far less prone to releasing health unfriendly volatile gasses into the atmosphere. Is also available in a number of different prints and colors. Not as cheap as PVC shower curtains but still excellent value for money.

#2 Cotton Curtains.

They do absorb a fair amount of water but they’re lightweight so they dry pretty quickly. They’re also environmentally friendly if you stick to the unbleached versions. There are a number of different weights of cotton, as well as a variety of different quality variants. For those who really want to go the extra mile in search of quality Egyptian Cotton shower curtains are available – but you’re going to have to stretch that household budget.

#3 Polyester.

Lightweight like cotton – but a synthetic material that doesn’t get soaked as easily as any of the natural alternatives. Easy to clean as they can simply be popped into a washing machine.

#4 Hemp.

Becoming increasingly popular as it is resistant to the growth of mildew and mold. It’s also biodegradable so it has impeccable ‘green’ credentials. However this alternative can be a bit pricey.

#5 Linen.

Lovely feeling material and can give a really classic look to any bathroom. Natural materials that takes a bit of care to keep clean. Can also be a bit on the expensive side, but if you can avoid the heavier weaves you can still get bargains. Once again avoid linens that are bleached.

#6 Used Sailcloth.

An alternative that is slightly unusual this is a great choice due to its incredibly hard wearing nature. You can pick up sailcloth shower curtains from online retailers and you might even be able to order a set made up to your individual specifications on sites like etsy.

It may be challenging to get hold of some of these alternatives to PVC shower curtains. However the extra effort is more than worth it. Many alternatives are sheer luxury and others will help you and your family avoid the health issues that have associated with the traditional PVC shower curtains.

Tips On Using Your Cloth Shower Curtains

Shower curtains have the ability to drastically change the entire look of a bathroom. In fact, cloth curtains have the ability to really take bath aesthetics from average to absolutely amazing. Cloth curtains have literally been around for a long time. With that being said, they definitely lost their popularity to vinyl shower curtains when they came out. Cloth curtains have since reemerged as one of the most wanted bath products in recent years. While vinyl curtains offer benefits of being low cost, a cloth curtain is a wonderful choice for anyone that is looking to spruce up the entire look and feel of their bathroom.

Tips On Using Cloth Shower Curtains:

1. Spruce Up Your Bathroom.

One of the top reasons to invest in cloth curtains is because they are going to be able to effectively add a nice attractive look to your bathroom that you would likely not be able to get with any other bath accessories on the market. Because they are made with such high quality fabrics, they are going to be able to truly provide you with a good amount of beauty for years to come.

2. Durability.

As noted previously, because these kinds of curtains are made with high quality fabrics, you are going to actually be able to enjoy the use of them for a long time. They should last you years rather than months or a single year for vinyl curtains.

3. Wash Them Frequently.

When you decide to utilize cloth curtains, you are going to want to make sure that you wash them frequently. Fabric curtains are going to end up absorbing a good amount of moisture and they will likely take a good amount of time to effectively dry. Even if you happen to choose a fabric shower curtain that is specifically designed to repel water and not completely absorb moisture, you are still going to want to wash it on occasion.

4. Use A Liner.

Another tip that is going to keep your shower curtain in the best possible condition and lasting a long time is using a liner. You will want to utilize a liner because the curtain itself is likely going to soak up a lot of moisture which can make them smell and look bad. Despite there being cloth curtains on the market designed specifically for use without these kinds of liners, the liner will help provide a barrier between the cloth and the water/moisture which will keep it smelling and looking as good as possible all of the time.

As you can see, there are plenty of different things that you are going to be able to do when you are trying to ensure that your cloth curtain lasts as long as possible and looks as good as possible. Be sure that you utilize the tips discussed above for the best results. Always try to utilize a liner if you are planning on investing in cloth curtains because it will help tremendously.

Why A PEVA Shower Curtain Is Better Than A PVC One

Our environment is full of chemicals. We feel them, we inhale them and sometimes we even ingest them. If you want to stay healthy, you have to learn how to make wise choices in many areas of your life. There are so many toys, clothing, furniture, bath supplies and other household items made from toxic plastics, that we should inform ourselves very well on such health hazards, in order to remove as many of them as possible from our surroundings.

Shower curtains are among these plastic items most of us have in our bathrooms. Older models were made from PVC, well-known today for its powerful off-gassing. It’s cool to have a beautiful and vividly colored shower curtain or liner, but if it poisons you slowly, this might not be such a good idea at all. If you have one in your bathroom, you are probably aware of its smell. This odor comes from all the harsh toxins such as phthalates, toluene, phenol, ketone and acetophenone contained in this type of plastic. This is how a simple daily shower can turn into a burden for your liver, lungs and central nervous system.

While a PEVA shower curtain won’t make your environment toxin-free, it is far better than the old vinyl ones. These curtains contain less harmful substances but they contain less VOCs, thus being safer for our health. The biggest advantage of such a PEVA shower curtain is that it contains no chlorine. It has been proven that the absence of chlorine contributes to the significant reduction of the harmful off-gassing.

Even though this solution doesn’t get us rid of all health hazards, at least it is proven to be less harmful than older choices. Besides, if you get picky when it comes to choosing the plastics in your home, you can find toxic-free shower curtains. They may be more expensive than regular ones, but they are worth the extra money, as they can contribute to maintaining your health and general well-being. You have to invest in your health, as it is your most valuable asset. Besides, if you have children, you should offer them a safe environment, free from harsh chemicals or hazardous toxins. Most probably, you won’t be able to free your home completely from these chemicals, as this is impossible in our modern world. However, you can reduce the hazards where you can. Whenever you have a choice, you should go for safe, toxic-free household items and clothes. There are many organic choices as well, but if you don’t want to bother with so much research, you can, at least, consider PEVA as a healthier alternative to the old PVC.

If you don’t trust the product labels, you should trust your sense of smell. Just smell the package of the things you want to bring into your home. If you feel the off-gassing, you may want to give it a second thought. We need to protect ourselves the best we can, as nobody else would do it for us.

Advantages Of Shower Liners

Home owners put so much of effort decorating the other parts of their homes but do not give their bathrooms the same treatment. In fact, a bathroom need not be left plain as most home owners would like it to be. One of the easiest ways to spruce up your bathroom is to add shower curtains or shower liners. Shower liners have many other advantages than just improving the outward appearance of your bathroom. While they contribute to the overall look of your bathroom, they also have an effect on its functions too. This article provides information on some of the main advantages of shower curtains.

There are shower curtains of various styles, colours, brands, and materials. You can choose the best curtain to match your budget and personal preferences. If you plan to let your bathroom neater when guests arrive at your house, the curtain can be left closed to hide the tub from their view. On the other hand, if you have a brand new, brilliantly gleaming porcelain tub, you can let the curtain open to show off it. Shower curtains and liners should be maintained properly in order to prevent the growth of mold and mildew on its surface. When the curtain is left outside the tub, it can drip and cause a mess in your bathroom. This is why you need to choose a material that can resist as much water as possible. Modern curtains are made from materials that are quite water resistant.

If you decide to purchase a fabric shower curtain for your bathroom, you need to make sure to purchase a fabric liner as well. Fabric liners are guaranteed to keep your bathroom dry most of the time. Water on the splattered on the bathroom floor is one of the most common sources of accidents in the bathroom. The fabric liner will protect the fabric curtain from getting wet. Hence, it will help keep your bathroom floor dry most of the time which will help prevent unnecessary accidents inside the bathroom. It will also ensure that the curtain is protected from mold and mildew which cause black spots on the shower curtain.

Another advantage of a fabric liner is the ease of cleaning and maintaining the curtain. The liner will protect the curtain from getting wet which helps prolong the lifespan of the curtain. In fact, you can settle for cleaning the curtain once a month without having to do it on a weekly basis. This is an important advantage of purchasing a fabric liner to match your shower curtain. If you are planning to purchase a fabric liner, you need to but one that fits best in your bathroom. Liners come in different styles and colours. Hence, look for one that will match your bathroom the best. Check for the quality of the liner before buying it. Do not go for the cheapest brand since they may not be durable and you will have to pay more to replace it within a short period.